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Read Here Before You Buy Old Navy Cargo Pants

Tips for Buying Old Navy Cargo Pants

Among the oldest clothes worn by the average fashion conscious person are the Old Navy cargo pants. Irrespective of gender, race, age and geographic location, these pants are a popular wardrobe feature. Perhaps it is due to their durability, availability, and multipurpose use that they are so popular. They openly compete with Denims for the top spot of the most popular clothes. However, it is important to differentiate what makes a good old navy cargo pant and an imitation.

One of the most important factor to look out for is the fabric. A good Old Navy cargo pant will be made of either cotton, or a mixture of cotton and wool. Cotton is a hardy fabric that do not get torn or worn out easily. It is warm and absorbs body sweat and odors with ease. Cheap imitations can hardly be made of cotton. This is because cotton is by far the most expensive fabric.

Another pointer to most of good Old Navy cargo pants are the fabric weight, sometimes also called fabric density. With many units of measuring the fabric density such as Denier, Tex and Cotton Count, the best to use in the case of navy cargo pants is the Cotton Count. The average navy cargo pant has a Cotton Count of 106. Anything below this might be a fake. since most manufacturers will not put this in on the label, a simple weigh by hand will suffice. If it feels light, it probably is not an old navy cargo pant.

Another characteristic of a genuine Old Navy cargo pants is whether it is machine washable. This is usually clearly indicated on the label attached to the pant. Before you buy the pant, make sure you check the label whether it is machine washable. Most good old navy cargo pants are washable with machines without discoloring or wearing out.

How to Avoid Buying Fake Old Navy Cargo Pants

The navy pants are usually waterproof, have double stitched hems for durability and have multiple pockets to help their users carry a lot of items without having to carry a bag. The most popular brand name for this category of clothes is the ‘Old Navy’. Before you purchase the navy pants, make sure you know the brand name. be on the look out for brand names that almost look similar to this name this such as ‘Old Namy’. They are used to con the average shopper who will not take notice of this small elements of a pant’s label. You also need to shop in big stores that usually get the pants directly from the genuine manufacturers. It is highly unlikely to get an imitation of the Old Navy cargo pants in a serious store. They also cost a little bit more than the average pants.

old navy cargo pantsYou need to ask yourself why a purported ‘Old Navy’ branded pant is costing so little. If it looks too cheap, then it probably is. Due to the levels of production that cotton fabric goes through, cotton clothes are usually more expensive. If you are bulk buyer, you need to be very cautious of how the clothes are delivered to you. Some unscrupulous traders open the packing and exchange the genuine Old Navy cargo pants with the imitation. Be forewarned.


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