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Guide to Buying Harem Pants

Harem Pants Are Getting Popular Now!

Harem pants are an upcoming fashion trend and have become a preference of any men and women. These pants became popular in India in 2010,  being a cross between a skirt and a pant these pants became a modern version of the ‘hammer pants’ made popular by M. C. Hammer in the late 1980s. These pants are also known popularly as parachute pants, because of their baggy fit- these are long pants that are tapered at the ankle and falls on the hip area like a skirt.

Traditional Harem pants are usually very loose and roomy falling nicely over the hip giving it a nice shape, with elastics at the ankles and waist, and the crotch fitting falling below the knee, almost touching the ground. Similar types of Harem pants are found in Thailand, called mountain hill tribe pants.

Are Harem pants in fashion?

Harem pants are free flowing, sensuous and adds freshness to your wardrobe. It has become a trend in sport Harem trousers, thanks to the fashion magazines and celebrities sporting them at various occasions. Fashion houses and designers are designing them for their various collections. The pants are going off the shelves in no time. Apart from the fashion houses, local markets are keeping up with the latest trend storing Harem pants in different styles and prints.

How to wear Harem pants?

Because these pants are so comfortable to wear, everyone these days are wearing them.  Depending on your figure type, you should select your perfect pant because these pants have a tendency to add weight to your hip area. But with the proper guidance, you will be able to achieve a stunning, exotic look.

  • Carefully select the fabric-fabrics like silk, metallic and other delicate ones will drape more sensual than the regular cotton or linen ones. They will add drama to your look. Decide upon the occasion and the time, when you are going to wear the belly dance pants.
  • Make sure the falling are neat and elegant- Harem pants have a tendency to fall in a slouchy way.
  • Make sure the drapes are neat and then falling at the crotch sits well.
  • Make the Harem pants the center of attention- highlight the pants. Do not wear anything that takes away the importance of the pants. Wear cropped jackets and tops with the pants, making a statement. Keep the jacket and top simple.
  • Wear a statement accessory. Do not go over board. Either one statement neck piece or a bangle or earrings-either one of these.
  • Wear high heels-stilettos, peep toes and pencil heels looks great with Harem pants. Heels add height and make your legs appear slim. The flats do not add the drama to the look.
  • Most importantly be true to yourself. You are the best judge. Look at yourself in the mirror and decide. Do not shy away from taking opinion from people before you buy the pants.

Harem Pants for men

harem pantsWith the ongoing trend, men too have started wearing harem trousers. Initially though women wore these pants, men too caught up with the trend. They are sporting Harem pants men in different colors and fabrics and is quite making a statement with them.

Harem trousers are in season right now. They are available in various cuts and style and colors. One would find a lot of designs to choose from. Team it up with the correct tops and a jacket, accessorize well and you are ready to look stunning and make a statement with the Harem pants of yours.


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