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Cargo Pants Fashion 101

All About Cargo Pants Fashion

Cargo pants fashion are loose pants meant for tough outdoor activities with six or more pockets, which helps to distribute and carry more items with relative ease. These pockets are usually buttoned or flaps that help to store a number of things when you go outdoors. These pants are made of hard fabrics and are ruggedly stitched to make it more long lasting. Mostly they are made of cotton or cotton and polyester so that drying becomes easy to wear and maintain.

Cargo pants fashion allow bending at the knee and waist, making these pants comfortable to wear. These pants have gone in and out of fashion over the year, but have become a Retro classic for many. Initially these pants were used for their functionality but over the years they have become a fashion mega trend.

History of Cargo Pants Fashion

Cargo pants were first worn by the British armed forces in the year 1938. Later it became popular in the United States during the world war II. The big pockets helped the soldiers and officers to store many things on the run like radios and extra ammunitions. During the 1990s, it again became popular but that to declined by 2000. Recently though it again gained back its popularity and are worn by many people.

Where to wear cargo pants

Though cargo pants fashion are not considered to be fashionable, they are of great use. With the number of pockets that are provided with them, cargo pants at work are a blessing. It is mostly worn during outdoor activities, by hikers or people who go outdoors for work. With the designers working on the look of the cargo pants, one can even wear it in the office, with the correct assembling of clothes. Teenagers too can wear cargo pants fashion to school and colleges. They sure would help you to stand out in the crowd.

cargo pants fashionHow to wear cargo pants

Cargo pants fashion are very comfortable to wear during summers. Designers like Tommy Hilfiger and others are specially designed cargo pants that will be popular among today’s people. Experiments are being done with the cuts- slim cut cargo shorts fashion are very popular. It is giving a competition to the khaki pants. Different colored cargoes are available in the market. Do not be afraid to try something new. Both men and women can wear slim cut cargoes. Team it up with a simple basic colored shirts and tops. You could try wearing checked shirts also. Keep the accessories to a bare minimum. A simple chain, a small stud and bangles look great on women. Flats and ballerinas go well with these pants. Men can wear a chain or a watch. You can experiment with the color of your shoes.
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